Annual Triathlon Specific Strength Program

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This program includes all strength training phases complementing your triathlon training including; foundation/stabilization, muscular endurance, basic strength, maximum strength, power&plyometrix, and In-Season strength phases! 


Fully customized strength packages include workouts either at home or at the gym. The process to get fully personalized strength training package starts with Strength Benchmark Assessment to evaluate the athlete’s initial strength, and continues with strength training programs, strength training monitoring program, assessment protocols and progression/regression alternatives.


All programs include a full exercise program, instructions with videos and clear explanations, as well as progression charts and instructions to test-retest of strength. The annual plan will be delivered in pdf fully explained and illustrated. Exercise programs will also be delivered in .pdf which can easily be added to Trainingpeaks for the athlete easily to access the program.


In addition, you get full access to your strength coach by WhatsApp/Email or Skype. 



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