Deliberate, focused strength training will elevate your endurance performance

Be Sisu Strong is our latest coaching service for Coaches and Athletes in Running, Triathlon and Nordic Skiing.
Chose from our three levels of strength training programs and excel in your sport.







Optimize Your Strength

Learn How To Structure Your Strength Workouts

Straight Facts

Runners, Nordic Skiers, and Triathletes; You will take your performance to another level when you optimize all aspects of your training, strength training included! you will increase your movement efficiency, prevent injuries and keep moving optimally throughout your training and racing seasons

You will learn how to structure your workouts, periodize your strength training, and how to monitor and progress/regress your strength training programs (GOLD and SILVER only)

When you put in the work you will see the gains rapidly. You will toe your A-Race fit, strong and ready to crush it! Strength Training allows you to race efficiently, with grit and keeps you kicking hard at the end of the marathon. No more stalling into a walk!


How does this work?

Be Sisu Strong Annual Strength Training Plans are designed with current research in mind to compliment an endurance athlete’s overall training plan. Take guessing out of strength training and ensure your athlete is maximizing his or her potential- doing the right type of strength training at the right time in his/her training cycle. 

Choose between Gold, Silver and Bronze service!


Personalized strength programs are fully individualized to your athlete’s needs whether a runner, triathlete or a skier. This process starts with an initial assessment (described below), annual strength training plan, strength training programs  (Foundation, Strength Endurance, Basic Strength (Hypertrophy), Maximal Strength, Power & Plyometrics and Active maintenance & Race season programs with unlimited changes), strength progress monitoring program, unlimited strength coach contact via email, WhatsApp or Skype. This is for an athlete or coach who wants a well-designed annual integration of strength training in their ATP, with unlimited support throughout the year. This is suitable for any athlete at any level and an excellent way of learning how to integrate strength training into the plan.


Personalized strength programs that is fully individualized to your athlete’s needs whether a runner, triathlete or a skier. This option includes initial assessment, strength programs (Foundation, Strength Endurance, Basic Strength (Hypertrophy), Maximal Strength, Power & Plyometrics and Active maintenance & Race season programs, strength progress monitoring program with limited coach support via email and skype. This program is suitable for a coach who needs a well-designed strength training programming option who wants to make necessary changes on the individual level him/herself depending on athletes’ level, training phase, training status, etc.


Generic Sport-Specific Strength Training Programs are strength programs designed for strengthening muscle groups loaded in the specific sport (run, swim, bike, and skiing) and are suitable for any level athlete (read about the experience below) or coach who needs a well-designed sports-specific program for a group of athletes. This option does come with limited coach support via email and skype.

Gender-specific considerations

For female athletes, the strength training plan can be designed with her unique physiology in mind based on her menstrual cycle, as research shows that female hormones greatly affect how muscle is built, broken down and how fast female athletes recover from workouts, depending on which phase they happen to be on their menstrual cycle. 

Experience in strength training

The programs are further divided into levels of strength training ability: beginner is someone who has little or no previous experience in strength or weight training. You are also in this category if your strength training has only consisted of bodyweight exercises such as push-ups or chin-ups.  An intermediate is someone who has some experience, 1-4 years of strength training with weights experience or is coming back from an injury that had a part of a limb completely immobilized for a period. You have been to the gym before and lifted weights and maybe even had a Personal Trainer instruct you previously, but you have had a longer break more than 6 months from lifting weights. And the advanced-level athlete is someone who has a lot of experience in strength/weight training, typically over 4 years. You have been lifting weights recently and are familiar with most basic lifting techniques such as Squats, Deadlifts, and have routinely been working out in the gym.

Equipment requirements
Note that only Foundation, Plyometrics programs can be performed without weights, other phases require some external loads, such as dumbbells, bars, cable machines, etc.

Most programs require the use of external load such as dumbbells, kettlebells, Bosu ball, medicine ball, bands, cable, bands, stairs, bench, etc. If you would like a personalized strength program using what you already have at home, please contact me directly, I am sure we can figure something out so that you get the load you need.

Delivery of the programs

Generic Sports-Specific Strength Training Program: You will get a link to the program via Trainerize platform where you will see the exercises both in film and clearly written, you will be able to see your progress. You will also receive strength training monitoring program including strength testing protocol and instructions for re-assessments. You will also get access to comments and direct your questions to Coach MJ via Trainerize.

Fully Personalized Strength Programs are also delivered via Trainerize and you will get the same access to coach MJ as others. You will also receive an Annual plan in pdf fully explained and illustrated with instructions on how to modify if needed, or you can always contact me directly via email for support at any phase of the year. Exercise programs can be easily delivered in Trainingpeaks as .pdf if that is preferable together with a strength monitoring program in excel. Personalized programs include Benchmark Assessment, Functional Movement Assessment (video).

Typically, the programs are performed in a time frame of 45-80 minutes depending on the level of the athlete, which strength phase the program is. For example, Power and Plyometrics need more rest time in between sets and thus will take longer to perform. The programs are specifically structured to start with warm-up, activation and balance drill before moving on to core strength, eventually plyometrics/agility, and specific strength at the end.

For each strength phase, you will receive the strength program with clearly illustrated instructions, the goal of the strength phase, with the purpose of the Exercise Selection, Intensity, and Progression. The overall purpose of this service is to educate you and help you to independently design your athlete’s future programs. 

Once you hit the buy button, you will be directed to the Information Input page where you will define what sport, level of athlete and personal information, and once I have received the information I will be in touch with you to start the process of Acing Your Next Goal by becoming stronger and more durable endurance athlete!!



Get your Strength Training on Track with these Sport Specific Strength Programs



Follow our youtube channel Be Sisu Strong for specific videos for endurance athletes.

Llifting Weights


Answers You Need


Yes, most programs require am access to a gym but depending on your initial strength level, you may be able to do the first 4-8 weeks of strength training without gym equipment with minimal at-home equipment such as bands and light weights


As with endurance training, strength training has several modalities and thus needs to be periodized accordingly. Be Sisu Strong Programs are designed to optimize your abilities and add to your endurance training, not take away from it.


This is probably the biggest myth of strength training. No, you will not become bulky! It takes a lot of hard deliberate strength work to build your muscle circumference. As an endurance athlete, the power-to-weight ratio is an important factor for your performance. This is an important aspect when building a strength training program, and our programs are developed as an endurance athlete in mind and use strength training to optimize the power-to-weight ratio.


Some soreness is to be expected, especially if you haven't strengt-trained in a while. Depending on the phase of your strength training phase, you may experience some neuromuscular fatigue and this needs to be taken account for in your endurance training. All advice will be given to you via a specific program or during our communication.



Having a strong body is like having a solid, fail-proof fuel tank where all movements go propelling our bodies forward without energy leakage. Moving with deficiencies is like moving with a leaking fuel tank.

MSc Sport Sciences I NASM PT I Sports Nutrition Diploma
Run & Nordic Ski Coach


Marjaana has over 30 years of experience as an athlete in Nordic Skiing in high National Level in Finland, Track & Field, Recreational Runner and as an Ironman triathlete. 
She studied Sports Sciences (Exercise Physiology & Biomechanics) in the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. She also studied at the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary in Canada. 
She has over 15 years of experience as a coach in running, Nordic skiing and as a strength coach. 
She believes as an endurance athlete, you need to be able to move better and the roadmap is via deliberate strength and mobility training. All endurance athletes benefit from not only moving better but building stronger muscles to withstand the repetitive movements during our day-to-day training and achieve efficiency to maximize our capacity.
Her services include endurance, strength and nutritional guidance which complement each other so that you can perform at your best!
She is a lifelong learner and is always learning to better understand how to maximize athletic potential via concurrent endurance and strength training.
Being a busy master's athlete with ambitious goals with 3 small children she truly understands the time limitations of any athlete. Contact her directly to get some ideas on how to get strength training in your schedule!



Be SISU Strong is a service provided by Be Sisu Fit Endurance Coaching

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